The Bihar state Minorities Financial Corporation was facing many hurdles and problems in recovery and the impact there-of was getting release of fund from National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation, New Delhi since very inception and hence the immense importance was amelioration in poor recovery which was lacking due to almost nonentity of infrastructure at the district/ commissionary level. The main reason behind poor recovery at grass-root level had been the lack of infrastructure at district level. Bihar constitutes of 38 districts and hence it was not vulnerable to consider all the districts to bring within the ambit of our thinking of setting district wise infrastructure. However, this problem, at the very outset was overcome by formulating such a means which may be result- oriented. After assiduous positive thinking the dream was culrninated into reality when we placed the proposal before the 58th BoD meeting that in the very inception all the commissionaries of our State be made operative points and as a result of nodding of the BoD, 8 commissionaries' for opening BMSFC's commissionary level offices except Patna commissionary which is controlled by BSMFC Head Office, have been taken.

These 8 commissionary level offices have been opened by the office order no. 49 dated 5-02-2007. It would not be out of context to mention herein that after a great deal of exercises of curbing financial involvement, these offices have been manned with the available manpower of our Corporation so that the extra financial involvement could not come in the fore. For this 8 Office in-charges have been posted by Office order no. 97 dated 15-02-2007 and 55 dated 05-02-2007. Our limited financial position did never allow us to take such endeavour but despite this, drastic step has been taken with the only notion that the expenses being incurred in encashment of outstation P.D.C. which was about Rs. 60/- per cheques as postal charges / commission have been curtailed as cheques deposited with the bank in the same district do not get such expenses levied. As such these savings are being utilized in the establishment cost of commissionary level offices. It is worth mentionig that these offices have been hired on nominal monthly rent ranging from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1200/- which is evident from office order no. 913 dated 08-08-2007. In furtherance to this these offices have also been manned by class iv regular employees, who other than doing different office works, are also doing the job of recovery of loan besides the Recovery Agents.

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